Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Mistake at a Time

Wow...if I had a nickle for every mistake I've made in my life I could buy that house at the beach! Geesh...and that would just be from the little mistakes. I'd have that beach house AND one for each of you, too, if the big mistakes paid a quarter!

Here's the thing about mistakes. We "make" them...and therefore are "made" by them. Mom, you say, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? With every mistake we learn something about ourselves...whether it was 'boy that was really stupid, I won't do that again'...or 'I got through that one so I am stronger than I thought"...or 'I'm worth more than I allow myself to believe'...or 'I know that doesn't work so I won't spend my precious time trying to figure it out'.

When we fall we get up...take a moment to look around and see who may have witnessed our embarrassing moment...brush ourselves off...stand tall...and start moving forward again. And each time we do that we get up faster...look around less...stand taller and start moving ahead more quickly. We get stronger with each mistake which builds our character. We become who we are because of those mistakes and the lessons learned by them.

As long as we live we will continue to make mistakes. Hopefully, not the same ones twice! And by doing this we will continue to build our mistake at a time.

XXOO Mom, Mommy, Momma, Mother

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